The world of modern medicine is quite a strange thing – for every helpful piece of convention that we come up, it’s equally possible that we will create some claptrap nonsense that really helps nobody stay fit and healthy! With so much “advice” and “expert opinion” out there at the moment its nigh impossible for people to come up with legitimate and long-term solutions to their health woes.

Let’s face it, looking after ourselves is now a much bigger task than it used to be and even simple things like cleaning our hands has become some kind of big global concern that needs dedicated following and changing all the time.

Whilst washing our hands is of vital importance to keeping long-term health high and making sure everyone gets to live in a comfortable and disease-free environment, it’s become part of the modern thinking that unless you absolutely coat your hands in anti-bacterial hand wash, that you aren’t going to get the same quality of cleaning that you should be getting when you first start out. Over time, an excess of anti-bacterial material will actually do more harm than good! The reasons for this are fairly simple and, when looked at logically, make perfect sense as to why they are the right way to go about cleaning up your hands and your body.

Antibacterial Soap

What Are Anti-Bacterial Soaps?

Typically, an anti-bacterial soap is a gel or liquid substance that is made from a variety of ingredients that combat microbes and other tiny pieces of mess, dirt and debris that we don’t really want to be dealing with on a regular basis. Not only do they supposedly help to fight off these kinds of microbes, they help to keep surfaces clean and stop a build-up of germs on surfaces. In 2004, this might sound like an absolute godsend as we looked at everything in a “must stay clean” fashion.

However, in 2015, this is no longer the case. It’s far more important today that we look into the actual cause & effect of our determination to live in a totally clean world. The problem is that, in much the same way that our immune systems need something to fight to stay strong, our bodies need to come into contact with microbes and other issues to stay strong and to be able to fight back against these illnesses.

The world evolves around us all the time, and anti-bacterial soaps combat against many of these changes and eradicate them. The problem is, illnesses don’t like us much and tend to evolve and change to fit with the patterns of the timeline they are alive in. in time, illnesses will take on the properties of the anti-microbe materials that we use and adapt to them, creating more powerful illnesses in the future.

What we might use today to clean our hands – to the point of huge excess – is something that we should really be avoiding from now on. These soaps are usually made from substances like triclosan, triclosan and chloryxylenol as they provide us with the ability to wipe out any germs in the vicinity of where we use the substance, as well as keep ourselves smelling fresh and fragrant with the same product.

Today, they are used as a way of getting rid of the smell of smoke and cooking from our hands as much as they are used to stay clean. They’ve almost become like a fragrance tool, but this kind of over-usage and borderline obsession to keeping our hands clean is something that we shouldn’t become too proud of in the future.

The only kind of benefit that these anti-bacterial soaps bring to the table is those that are filled with tetrasodium EDTA. This is actually a preserving for bacteria, and stops the issue of super-microbes being created anything quite as terrifying as a new virus being made from our own cleanliness. It also stops us from getting “too” clean and leaving our bodies open to being attacked by a series of new, stronger germs we haven’t encountered before.

Any germicidal products should be getting fired off this planet, and never used again. If you own any anti-bacterial products at the moment that are tagged as germicidal then do your skin, your home and your overall quality of life a favor and chuck them straight in the nearest skip!

What Type of Problems Do They Cause?

If you aren’t sure of what kind of problems you can expect to see coming from the over-usage of these kinds of antibacterial goods then you should keep reading on. Rather than being a small health concern if used too regularly like some skin care products etc., these are genuine concerns that can put your long-term health and vitality at risk. Additionally, a baby that is exposed to these kinds of products is being put in pretty serious danger.

A child needs to have interaction with bacteria and germs to build up an immune system. You might think that living in a totally purified world is a good idea, but when your body isn’t used to going head-to-head with infection it’s going to be seriously overblown the first minute anything worse than a sore head rocks into town. Here are just some of the problems that are caused when using this kind of soap;

  • These forms of soaps are designed to remove bacteria before it gets to your body and makes you ill or whatever – but this isn’t actually a good thing. Again, it’s been said here already, but you need to fight off illnesses to stay fit, healthy and in sync with the modern atmosphere around us. These don’t discriminate from both good and bad bacteria – instead, it just butchers every piece that gets in its path and leaves you with a much weaker overall natural resistance to bad bacteria that you do touch
  • They create a false safety – you might think that you feel much healthier and safer when you are living in a bubble of absolute cleanliness but this isn’t the case. While we aren’t advocating living in some germ-infested swamp so that your body can become radioactive, we are advocating avoiding any kind of situation that see’s you live in a big bubble of purity!
  • More terrifyingly, though, some of these germicide-based products are creating new illnesses for us to come up against. By stripping away germs, good and bad, they leave us with a poor resistance to bacteria and when new bacteria emerge they will really get stuck into our vitality and ability to live comfortably and easily. They will become more resistant to antimicrobial products, as well, which is never going to be a good thing in the long run!
  • They don’t exactly help the environment either – triclosan is a key ingredient mentioned above and it can cause environmental damage as it can get into the water that you wash away any excess with. This isn’t good and can disrupt algae growth elsewhere, which is a serious problem for making sure that the amazing creatures we share this planet with can live comfortable
  • Triclosan, for reference, is used in pesticides as well as antimicrobial substances- does that not strike you as a little weird? It’s a dangerous chemical found in here to absolute abundance so make sure that anything you buy does not have this regulated substance inside it – that’s right, it’s actually regulated!

What Are The Most Common Issues?

The main problems that we tend to face when dealing with these kind of substances comes from the Triclosan itself – it’s such a dangerous product, it’s really quite worrying that it has become a mainstay within the industry. People become ill and under serious health risks from using this stuff, but it can also bring out a lot of other problems that you might not expect to come from using this kind of product. If you have been using triclosan in products for a while now, you should probably make a point of checking that you don’t suffer from;

  • Allergies flaring up is a big part of using triclosan – it seems to get into your body quite easily, and can seriously damage your ability to deal with allergies. If you find that allergies are becoming much more easy to flare up and far more devastating in terms of their duration or their severity then you should really move away from using Triclosan, as it’s a serious part of the long-term development and severe worsening of allergies along the way
  • Triclosan can also be very loosely linked to the increase in cancers in the body – if you already suffer from damaged cells in your body, triclosan promotes the damage to extend rather than repair. This means that if the wheels were already in motion to begin with, you could be accelerating the development and severity of illnesses by putting this horrible substance into your body
  • Thyroid dysfunction is another common part of this – again, because it helps promote damaged cells in your body it just kind of goes for it, leaving you dealing with the serious effects for the foreseeable future. If you are suffering from thyroid problems you might want to look into the cause & effect, especially Triclosan
  • It aggravates the growth of kidney and liver tumors, which is obviously not good at all! Because it pierces the skin and gets right into your actual body, it can become a pretty serious way to keep a tumor developing and growing over time
  • Weight gain is another big problem along with inflammation. If you notice regular bloating or that you are getting much heavier, you should look into the best way of dealing with that – starting with removing any kind of trace of Triclosan from your lifestyle and your general cleaning products that you use when you’re tidying up!

The last thing that you need to be dealing with at any given time is the problems brought together by the chemicals like Triclosan. When you are trying to move on from a health scare you might think that staying in line with the normal train of thought might be the best idea to go with but it really isn’t something that you should be considering at the moment – if you want to get healthy, you should really be avoiding ever tempting your body with the dangers that are Triclosan. They really are very dangerous substances to be regularly using.

What Are The Alternatives?

As we’ve now shown you, there is a lot of evidence out there that shows you just how dangerous cleaning products can be. It might just fit in with the great ironies out there, that the consumer firms out there want us buying their products, getting ill and then using their health partners to get better. While this might seem a little Orwellian for some, it’s not too farfetched when a supposed health product such as Triclosan is being regulated, even when just being used as a killing device for weeds and other plants!

This is deeply annoying for anyone who is suffering trying to find alternatives to long-term cleanliness and health. If you’ve been looking around you’ll find that most of the common market alternatives are as bad or just use another equally dangerous toxin to “cleanse” your system. Yeah, it cleanses you by stripping your body of anything that it needs to stay fit and healthy in the first place!

If you want to avoid these problems, your best chances for success involve changing to natural and herbal alternatives. The days of having no long-term solution to avoiding these issues are gone for good as people have started to look at more natural and helpful alternatives that are made from products and resources that we can actually trust, and use for other purposes in the world such as;

  • Essential oils are a huge part of the anti-bacterial world, without the use of dodgy chemicals that sound like a precursor to the end of days! Essential oils typically come with powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents throughout them, except that they are natural and create a far more striking and fair balance on what is left behind when it’s finished cleaning up
  • Thyme plant essential oils are hugely popular for this kind of situation – not only is thyme used to make food nicer; it’s very good for you as well. It’s a brilliant anti-bacterial agent than many traditional soaps, and is FAR more effective to your long-term cleanliness and health than the current soaps and hand washes that you might be using
  • Rosemary oils, citrus oils and lavenders are used for various properties and purposes too. From calming your nerves and your body down to providing you with smooth and comfortable skin, various essential oils can be the ideal ticket. Do some basic research into the essential oils that you can find your local area and see what one sounds like it might be the most useful choice for you

Even vinegar can be a brilliant surface cleanser if you are looking for a way to get the kitchen clean without using some kind of anti-microbial agent. Diluted in water can make the vinegar far less difficult on the nostrils, and can also make it suitable for skin use so long as you dilute it properly – you don’t want to get any vinegar into one of those small cunts on your hands, or it’s going to be pretty damn agonizing!

Supporting Evidence

The evidence that stands in front of the usage of antibacterial hand washes is pretty damning – so why is it still sold on the markets? This can make education, learning and development within the industry very hard as people just love to follow the same idea and theory time and time again. If you are told that something keeps you clean and stops the big, evil illness from getting you then it’s easy to listen to the CDC- approved advertisements, right?

However, various evidence exists today that shows you just how dangers it can be. For example, the FDA is just one agency that has gotten on top of the continued and prolonged use of cleaning agents for quite some time now. They have actively stopped the use of Triclosan in various products, too, and are now regulating it when being used in pesticides. If it’s not good enough for our weeds and plants then why would it possibly be good enough for humans?

Additionally, evidence was found that it can alter the hormonal make-up of animals – so is it doing the same to us? These products are filled with toxins that were never supposed to be used on the human skin so why are we today more than happy to follow this kind of solution and pollute our bodies with some severely dangerous materials that should be kept away from the environment, the atmosphere as well as the air that we breathe on a regular basis every single day.

The Dangers of Evolution

The problems that many people are looking at when the mainstream usage of these kinds of items comes up in discussion are;

  • The mainstream and widespread use of dangerous substances like Triclosan
  • The use of Triclosan in products that have absolutely no need or use for the ingredient to be included

While both are linked, they play an incredible part in the long-term development and salvation of the health industry. When you look at things like hospitals and doctors’ offices you see that they are all full of these kinds of products. Well, if the doctor has it then it must be good, right? Wrong. The problem is that many doctors are taught a standard, and that standard is in desperate need of refreshing.

It’s hard to blame a doctor for bad advice if they were taught for more than a decade that this was gospel. It’s only in the last few years that we’ve realized just how dangerous Triclosan and hand washes are, so it’s important to create a long-term solution that starts to discontinue these products from mainstream use. Even before that becomes the case, though, you should be considering removing any Triclosan based products form your home as soon as you possibly can.

The last thing that you need in your home is more dangerous products that are literally just floating chemicals in a weird composition! So, if you want to give yourself a chance to beat these problems start by binning hand washes!

Avoid Anti-Bacterial Addiction!

The last thing that you want to be dealing with as a keen proponent of staying fit, clean and healthy is using poorly controlled anti-bacterial substances along the way. It might sound a little backwards to be told that a powerful cleaning agent can be bad for your skin, but that’s just the way of the world – it might not make too much sense, but that’s just how it seems to go these days!

When you look at the various parts of the world that are waking up to the realities of our obsession with germs in the modern world, such as the state of Minnesota, it becomes more and more apparent that the dangers associated with this type of lifestyle simply isn’t going to be feasible any longer.

A measure was passed in May 2014 that would henceforth ban the use of anti-bacterial hand-wash from all products within the state itself, and any products that used the chemical triclosan in their products. It’s found in more than 2,000 different products, but the problem is that this harmful substance is getting a worse reputation as the days go by.

It’s understood that there’s a private concern among many big firms that the use of triclosan is one of the big contributors to resistant superbugs that are becoming more common. While science fiction points to a world where we get wiped out by an illness we create by being too clean, it’s no longer fiction.

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