Low Vitamin D Will Increase Dementia Risk: Confirmed

As we know now, having a low level of vitamin D within your system isn’t just dangerous – it can be threatening to your very ability to just get things done on a daily basis. Rather than letting these problems eat you up inside, though, the problems that a lack of vitamin D can bring on can be more mental rather than physical. It’s been proven by various sources and experts now that a low level of vitamin D actively increases your chances of dealing with dementia at a later stage of life. Two Vitamin … [Continue reading]

Vitamin K: More Benefits than First Thought

Vitamin K Header

One of the biggest mysteries in life is, quite simply, our health. With so many different things that can go right and wrong with our bodies it really is a near impossibility to keep up with it all. Even for health professionals who have spent years learning all about certain kinds of medicine, understanding each and every part of medicine is going to be almost impossible. However, one of the key issues with medical learning and education is that most medical practitioners are taught from a specific … [Continue reading]

Dangers of Antibacterial Soap: Why You Shouldn’t be Using It

Antibacterial Soap

The world of modern medicine is quite a strange thing – for every helpful piece of convention that we come up, it’s equally possible that we will create some claptrap nonsense that really helps nobody stay fit and healthy! With so much “advice” and … [Continue reading]